What Really Happened to Anderson Silva at UFC 162?

By Bryanna Fissori


Theory #1

Anderson Silva had no intention of going home with the belt.

In a pre fight interview with Canada Sports Net Silva shared an unexpected answer to the question of the perfect ending to his fight with Chris Weidman. Silva replied “Chris Weidman!!! Chris Weidman is the best in the world! Chris Weidman is the new champion de UFC!” Then when questioned whether he would want a rematch he stated that he did not and that he was tired. Check out the interview here at starting 5:04.


Theory #2

Anderson Silva thought that his clowning antics were his best bet.

It is undeniable that Silva’s mind games are a proven to have an affect on his opponents. It is reasonable to say they would throw off anyone’s game just a bit. After having been taken down in the first round, his best bet against the heavy handed wrestler would be to mess with his mind. Thus, he reverted back to the same strategy used against Damian Maia at UFC 112.


Theory #3

Anderson Silva wanted an excuse to be released from the UFC.

After the serious backlash which erupted after his 2010 performance against Damian Maia in which he spent the last three rounds pretending like he was on an elementary school play ground instead of inside the octagon, he was likely to receive a similar reception with those same antics. The performance cost him a great number of fans and earned him severe ridicule from media outlets and the UFC. It is no secret that the UFC is attempting to thin out their roster. Maybe this was his attempt at being “excused.”


Theory #4

Anderson Silva thought the game plan was solid.

The champion genuinely thought that keeping his chin up and hands down was a good strategy for the fight.




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