No Respect: The Tyron Woodley Edition

By Benjamin Bieker



This is a new column we will try to run here at MMAonline. Once a week, we will find a quote where a fighter is making a statement for people to respect him in his respective division. This is not meant to disrespect the person who said the quote, but to highlight fighters who are not getting the spotlight or have people above them that maybe should not be. This week’s fighter is Tyron Woodley who while he is high in the division makes a great case to be higher in the rankings.


“People don’t realize that Jordan Mein didn’t look like he did against Dan Miller or how he did against Tyler Stinson (against me). The kid’s phenomenal. So me beating him, beating Tarec Saffiedine – if you watched these guys against somebody else, these guys are showcasing great skills, and none of these guys were able to do that to me.” 


While it does sound a bit cocky it is just the truth. Yes, Woodley did lose against Marquardt, but many people forget that he nearly finished Marquardt on multiple occasions in their fight. Woodley is getting a high profile match against Jake Shields, but that is a fighter who is 1-2-0-1 in his last four fight and is returning to welterweight. Mein, on the other hand, is facing off with Matt Brown who is currently surging by winning four straight fights. Also, Woodley thinks his skills match up better against Saffiedine and Mein as well.


“I won every striking war between Tarec, Paul Daley, and Jordan, and now people see what I mean when I said I had to earn my title shot. I had to go out and fight Andre Galvao, who is one of the best grapplers on Planet Earth. If I slip on a banana peel he wraps his arms around my neck and it might be a wrap. I think it’s just good that people can go back, look at my resume, and see the people that I’ve beaten.”


According to Woodley, he has out struck the best, and he can last on the ground with the best BJJ practitioners. When you add in division one wrestling you may have one of the biggest threat to the titles. The only time Woodley has been defeated was by the punching power of Marquardt late in the fourth round which as long as he improves his cardio it should not happen. So, that is this weeks edition of No Respect. Check back next week for the next iteration, and let us know who you think needs more respect in MMA.

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