Matches to Make: UFC 157 Winners

By Benjamin Bieker


Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis

Yes, a lot of people have been calling for the next title contender to come from the winner of the Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano match, but that is not the most intriguing match possible. We have already seen Rousey armbar Tate once, and that was only a year ago. Zingano is intriguing, because she holds a BJJ black belt and has power in her hands. She does have to get past Tate first though. Davis is a proven talent who is 5-1 over her last six fights with four finishes in those five wins. She holds two BJJ black belts in different disciplines, and that is the most intriguing part because she will not wilt under Rousey‘s submission heavy attacks.


Lyoto Machida vs. winner of Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen

Machida is the next number one contender according to UFC president Dana White, and that is the most important person when it comes to receiving title shots. Machida has been submitted by Jones before, and has had disputes with Sonnen as well. If Sonnen pulls off the win the match would be a lot more interesting than a rematch with Jones, but Machida is the next title contender regardless of who comes out with the title.


Urijah Faber vs. Rafael Assuncao

Faber put in a vintage performance on Saturday night, but it is hard to insert him into another title shot. He needs to attain at least one or two more wins, and that is also due in part so that Barao and Cruz can unify the titles. Assuncao and Faber first fought in January of 2010, and it ended with a submission from Faber in the third round. Now, both are at 135 pounds, and a win in a rematch for Assuncao would propel him to the title shot he wants. For Faber, it will be another notch in his belt at bantamweight as he works his way back up the ladder.


Court McGee vs. winner of Dan Miller vs. Jordan Mein

McGee looked good in his debut at 170, but the question of how far he can go in his career still remains. Like Michael Bisping, he does not have knockout power, but he does throw a ton of punches. Miller and Mein have the standup to test McGee, but they are also proficient on the ground which is where McGee may need to be tested.


Robbie Lawler vs. winner of Nate Marquardt vs. Jake Ellenberger

Lawler jumped into the top ten at welterweight with his first round knockout of Josh Koscheck. Plus, he was the second man to finish Koscheck in nearly 25 fights, and that best Georges St. Pierre or Johny Hendricks which is weird considering Hendricks supposedly has the biggest power out of all of the welterweights. Both Marquardt and Ellenberger pose interesting threats in the standup and on the ground for Lawler as he tries to continue his career resurgence toward the top of the UFC welterweight division.

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