Mark Coleman’s Sponsor Covers Hip Surgery

By Benjamin Bieker


With all the recent backlash of sponsors stiffing MMA fighters it is nice to see someone step up and help a real legend of the sport. Mark Coleman was someone who helped build the sport of MMA, but he never made a ton of money. The fighters really started to rake in the dough after Coleman was past his prime. Plus, he has not fought in nearly three years, and that was for the UFC where he only made $100,000 if he won before taxes.


Now, after years of wrestling, fighting, and training he was facing a total hip replacement which will cause in excess of $100,000. Coleman really did not have any way of paying for the surgery since, as stated before, he had not fought during this era of fighting when top level guys are multi-millionaires. That is when Coleman’s longtime sponsor MMA Elite stepped up to foot the bill for their clients surgery.



Obviously, nothing is done just out of the kindness of one’s heart now and days, but this is a huge step up for someone that MMA Elite cannot make a monetary gain off of. The company will gain a lot of positive PR press off of this kind gesture, but MMA Elite has never had that much negative press to begin with. This is something that Coleman is extremely grateful for when he released his statement on his former sponsor stepping up.


“I gotta thank MMA Elite. Without them, I would be in a lot of trouble. They’ve sponsored me for a long time – I’ve been with them since the beginning. They’ve stuck with me and you know after you’re done fighting, I’ll tell you what you’ve got to dig deep and find out what you’re going to do next. And I’ll tell you what, Im still trying to figure it out. But MMA Elite, Pro Elite, thank you so much. I love you, and I appreciate everything you have done for me. Without them I’d be in a lot of trouble.”


Like Coleman says in his statement, he is not sure what he will do after fighting, but MMA Elite has made it possible for him to have a future. Without the surgery he would most likely be confined to minimal movement and maybe even unable to leave his house. So, any seminar, training practice, or interview Coleman is able to do he will be thankful when a real MMA sponsor like MMA Elite went over an beyond the call of duty for him.

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