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MMA Rules: A Change for the Better?
May 6, 2013
After the recent succession of eye pokes, a lot of people looked to point the finger (which was the problem to begin with) toward officials and gloves as the reason for the injuries. Fans and fighters are calling for better refs, different gloves, or even different rules. The rules are one thing that Dana White likes to agree with on being changed, but it does not mean that the other options should not be explored . . .
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Glory Kickboxing Makes New Year’s Commitment to Enter the U.S. Market in 2013

Monday, December 31st, 2012

By Bryanna Fissori


After the seemingly successful partnership of Dream and Glory for 2012 New Year’s Eve event in Japan (Dream 18/Glory 4), the kickboxing promotion plans on making its way into the U.S. market in 2013.

According to Marcu Luer CEO of Glory Entertainment the promotion will launch their new series “Road to Glory” (R2G) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This eight man tournament will be held in February and will be a kickboxing challenge, not MMA. The promotion also hopes to host a larger U.S. show in the middle of the year to be televised.

“We are convinced that the US has talent to compete, but they need to step up and show us. We are ready to give them a chance, but our current Glory kickboxing superstars aren’t rolling over for anybody. The Americans have to come and take it to them.”

Glory has big plans in the upcoming year, not only with the development of R2G, but to air live broadcasts of the show and events on a larger scale as well. Aside from its prospective ventures in the U.S., Glory also plans for expansion into the U.K., Italy, Turkey and Croatia though they will also continue to host events in Japan.

Luer confirmed that Dream currently has no plans to venture outside of Japan. After a year of struggling events, the MMA promotion may be re-gaining momentum with the help of Glory and the partnership they attained with television network CBS to air the recent event, which would have likely not taken place, but for the assistance of Glory.

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