Details from Randy Couture’s Deal with Spike TV

By Benjamin Bieker


By now everyone knows that Randy Couture has, supposedly, turned his back on the UFC in an effort to sign a deal with Spike TV. Before now not many details were known besides that he would be part of a Bellator reality program on the channel, but it looks like he will play a much bigger part in the scheme of the promotion. Couture has a signed a multi-year deal which will keep his face on TV for mor ethan the already planned Bellator reality show.


For the reality show which will be called Fight Masters will in fact have four coaches helping out a field of 32 participants. Joe Warren, Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, and Greg Jackson will head up the teams. The show allows for the fighters to choose their coach and who they fight in the rounds of the competition, but obviously there will be some rules implemented so that fighters do not flock all to one coach over another. Also, the winner of the competition receives a six figure payday as well as a spot in this fall’s welterweight tournament.


Couture will also head up another reality program for Spike TV which is reminiscent of the program called Bar Rescue which is already on the channel. The UFC hall of famer will go into struggling MMA gyms and help renovate the the gym from program to overall design. It remains to be seen how viable Couture’s name and brand is outside of MMA fans, and Spike TV is taking a gamble on whether his name can create ratings all on its own.


Of course, this was a press conference and the topic eventually led to the remarks that Dana White made against Couture. While he had no words to say about his former boss, he did agree with White on the subject of his son Ryan. Couture said that Ryan is his own man, and will make the best decisions for himself and his career. Running around with the moniker of Couture attached to his name must be hard enough already. On the prospect of not being able to corner his son for fights Couture that it is up to the Athletics Commission and not the UFC president. As the war that is brewing between Bellator and the UFC continues to rage it will be interesting to see who throws the next punch.

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