Dana White speaks on Couture, Barnett, TUF and more

By Benjamin Bieker

The UFC had a media day today, and UFC president Dana White spoke on many things. He announced the short list of Anderson Silva’s possible contenders, his thoughts on Randy Couture signing with Spike TV, the fate of the fighters on the current season of TUF, what will happen with Josh Barnett, and much more. White seems to be lighting up the news portals lately with his scathing interview on UFC tonight, and now with the comments at the latest press conference he is sure to have people talking for days.

First, he spoke on Josh Barnett’s impending signing with the UFC which he says is very likely. An interesting fact though is he is not involved in the signing whatsoever, and that Joe Silva is handling that process. In opposition of signing a fighter, Dana seems glad to be done with two fighters that were under contract. He called Randy Couture “The furthest thing from Captain America,” but who knows how much that has to do with his signing with Bellator. Plus, for those hoping Rampage would be back to the UFC it does not look likely.

“Everything he says is BS,” was what White had to say about Rampage’s recent comments on the PPV buys. Recently, Rampage said the amount of PPVs he was paid for and the amount the UFC announced they sold differed greatly, but White rebutted the statement saying that the fighters have an audit clause in their contracts to see actuals of PPV buys.

While what is next for Anderson Silva has not been decided his two possible opponents have been announced. It looks like Chris Weidman and Rashad Evans could be facing the longtime middleweight champion next. If Evans gets past Nogueira on Saturday., and he wants to make the drop to 185 he could get the shot. White would also be intrigued about Silva going back to light-heavyweight, and what better way then destroying another former 205 lb. champion? It is almost a lock that Silva’s next fight will come in a title defense though.

In a vote of confidence that good fights will get you a chance in the UFC White also announced that every fighter in the TUF house currently is going to get a shot in the octagon. Top ten rankings from site to site always vary, but the UFC has announced a partnership with fight metric to make their own version of divisional rankings. White has always been critical of rankings, but for the casual fan that follows the sport it will be easier to understand who is at the tops of each division. Do not think this announcement will change how title shots work, or do not work, since White has promised, “To still make the fights that people want to see.”

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